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Carry On Luggage Manufacturer

Carry-on luggage Manufacturer

Carry-on luggage (or just hand luggage) is the perfect companion for a short trip and often as a piece of luggage completely sufficient. Even during long journeys a lot of additional space can be gained by utilizing the full volume. For the carry-on luggage production, you should pay attention to the size of the suitcase. The airlines often have different provisions regarding the admissible size. The weight is also important, since this is usually also limited by the airlines.

carry on luggage manufacturer

Hand luggage

When you start producing a carry-on luggage, you first have to consider about the type of suitcase and the different materials you want to use for your suitcase production. Do you need a hand luggage trolley with wheels? Hard or soft shell? Pilot’s suitcase or travel bag? We present the different possibilities for your carry-on luggage production:

Hand luggage Trolleys with hard shell.

Robust materials such as polycarbonate or polypropylene are usually just as light as flexible fabrics and ensure absolute protection of your luggage contents. A particularly modern and beautiful variant are so-called hybrid cases. This is a combination of hard and soft shell, which combines the advantages of both types. See also our contribution in the BLOG.

carry on luggage manufacturer
carry on luggage manufacturer
carry on luggage manufacturer

Pilot's case made of aluminum or leather.

The pilot cases are a mix of trolley and travel bag. Typically, the captain’s suitcases have an almost square shape with handrail dimensions. Due to the multitude of clear stacks, this case is ideal for business trips, where laptop and files have to be safely stowed away. The pilot’s suitcases are available with either aluminum shell or leather.

Hand luggage Trolleys with soft shell.

A trolley with castors and a pull-out telescopic handle is recommended for long walks. Due to the flexible materials such as nylon or polyester, these cases are easier to store and are often more comfortable to handle. The drawback of the soft-shell case is the lack of robustness, which means that fragile items and non-wrinkle-free clothing in the hand luggage are not completely protected.

What size should the luggage be?

A maximum size of 115 cm (length + width + height) is recommended by IATA. However, this requirement is not binding for the airlines, which is why we often find other limitations for the dimensions and weight of the luggage. The standard measure for hand luggage is 55x40x20 cm. If you choose this size for you carry-on Luggage production, you should be safe. The maximum permissible weight for hand luggage differs greatly between the airlines and can be between 7 and 20 kg. The lighter the weight of the suitcase, the more can be stowed in it. Moreover, the wear comfort is increased by a low weight, in particular where it can not be rolled.

Ready to start a carry-on luggage production?

You will likely be asked to provide certain specifications before starting your suitcase production, including:

carry on luggage manufacturer
  • Size: Height, width and depth (in cm or inch).
  • Closure:TSA locks (Transportation Security Administration), pockets, zipper, gaps, magnetic snap, buckle, etc.
  • Straps: Handles, Height adjustable telescopic-handle, length and width of straps.
  • Color: Choice of materials and fabrics for outer color, inner lining, seams, applications, zippers, straps, clasps, etc.
  • Material:Polyamides, polypropylene, (ABS-) polycarbonate, nylon, aluminium, leather, PU, HDPE, polyester, etc.
  • Logos:Silkscreen printing, heat transfer printing, rubber patch and metal plate. Custom logos can also be made on zipper-pullers or other accessories
  • Printing: logo and design printings (best in pantone colors)
  • Hardware: Brass (solid or antique), nickel (dark, pearl or matted), metal, etc.
  • Pockets: Interior, exterior, side pockets, extra protected compartments for shoes or laptop etc.
  • Additional custom details: Embossing, tags, decoration, etc.
  • Production details: Order quantity, time constrains, target group

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 If you need additional information before starting your own production for example about different materials which you can use for your suitcases or specific production details just go to our main page LUGGAGE and also have a look on our BLOG.

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