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How to start a bag and backpack production.If you already know which product you would like to manufacture, you can simply contact us. Go to PRICES -> I’m a Brand and enter the data for your required production in the data sheet. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact us by email.


The more precisely you know what your production looks like, the faster we can do it for you. You can also find help with the preparation of your bags and backpack production, as well as information about different materials and their characteristics on our webpage.

If you already have a preview of your bag or backpack that you want to manufacture just send your designs and artworks to:

We prefer Adobe artwork files whether they are pdf,psd, jpeg,gif or tif in formats. Also hand-drawn designs can be accepted. We have our own design department that can transfer this into a digital version. The most important thing is that you make clear all the details and specifications including the materials that you want to use for your bags or backpacks.You will likely be asked to provide certain specifications in your hand drawn pictures,sketches or computer design artworks, including:


  • Size: Height,width and depth (in cm or inch).
  • Closure: Velcro,magnetic snapbuckle,button,clasp, zipper.
  • Straps: One or two,shoulder or handheld or both, length and width of straps.
  • Color: Choice of fabrics and materials for outer color, inner lining, seams, applications, zippers, straps, clasps…
  • Material: Leather, nylon, PU, polyester, PVC, cotton, canvas, wool, …
  • Hardware: Brass (solid or antique),nickel (dark,pearl or matted),gold (matted,satin,pearl, light or rose), metal etc.
  • Pockets: Interior,exterior,side pockets.
  • Additional custom details: Trimming,tassel,tag,decoration,piping and logo (logo detail as per specified below) etc.
  • Printing:logo and design printings (best in pantone colors)

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