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How to start your own bags company1

When you think about producing and selling bags, this is a very good decision, congratulations! The market is huge, every person has countless bags of different manufacturers coming in different designs for different occasions. And these bags are regularly changed and new ones are bought. So the market potential could hardly be better!

The first question is whether you want to start your business as a wholesaler or retailer. As a wholesaler, you are the intermediary between production and final sale to customers. In doing so, of course, you can sell larger quantities via the Internet, through catalogs or directly to various trading companies.When you produce your bags, you can either develop entirely new designs or even innovate, or access existing factory designs. Before doing so, you should of course make extensive thoughts about the appropriate sales strategy and also plan and check your product range as well as your target group of customers. It is very important to monitor the market and to check the competition products. Who offers what products at which prices? It is important to stand out from the competition either through a very competitive price or a high quality. Both can not be combined at the same time. In addition, it is important to create an irreversible value, which is remembered by the customer. This can be done, for example, via a striking innovative design. Another important aspect is to create the appropriate brand name and a brand image. This significantly increases the sales figures and the value of the brand.


Before starting the sale, the right company form has to be chosen. Again, there are many differences, e.g. tax advantages or possibilities of limitation of liability. The advantages and disadvantages of the various company forms have to be examined carefully and possibly also discussed with a lawyer and / or tax consultant.


For the subsequent sale there are numerous possibilities to support or accelerate the sale of your products.If you own a brand or plan to do so, it is particularly important to make it famous. All media, which reach a large target group of potential customers, help. In particular, the Internet offers many, sometimes even free advertising possibilities. First of all there is a professional internet presence. Furthermore, social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, advertising messages and product images can be shared.Also, Google Adwords is a convenient and easy way to reach your customers through perfectly targeted advertising. Only people will see your advertising, which are also interested in similar products.


Another important point is getting in touch with the right contact persons, who can support the development and sales of the brand. Research shows that working together with the right contact persons is a key guarantee for success. Therefore, find the right partners and contacts to help you by developing and selling your products.


And now nothing like going to work!

Good luck with your bag business!


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