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Less well-known as over-luggage is the term oversized. Behind this is nothing else but the travel suitcase exceeds the size allowed by the airline. But how is “too big” defined? The belt measurement is used here. You can find it yourself. Simply add the height, width and length of the trolley and you have the appropriate dimension. Make sure that you not only add up the size of the sling, but also the rolls and handles.


Similar to the weight, there are also different sizes for airlines. Generally the maximum belt dimension is 158 centimeters. This value is used, for example, at Lufthansa and Condor.


It usually comes to less problems with a too large suitcase than with a too heavy. Whether this is due to the fact that the control is not exactly measured here, or is more active here or whether the overwhelming majority simply has the right suitcase size, we can not say at this point.


So you see that this problem is widespread, so take care of the following:


  • Inform your airline what luggage is allowed, as the rules vary from company to company
  • Take a suitcase with the appropriate measurements. We have experienced in the past that some of our customers buy large XL-suitcases or XXL-suitcases and then wonder that these are too big for the plane
  • Weigh your packed suitcases before your holiday and before your return journey
  • The formula for the belt measurement is: Height + Width + Depth


We hope we could help you and wish you a good trip for your next holidays.




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