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Paper Bags Manufacturer

Paper Bag Manufacturer

Paper bags are even more than practical companions for shopping. Thus, printed paper bags are ideal for attracting attention and spreading advertising messages. There is a wide rangeof paper bags with different colors, shapes and printings. Many also prefer the use of paper bags because of the good environmental awareness and do not use plastic bags. A major advantage of the paper bag is that it is made from a biodegradable material - the renewable raw material of the cellulose base (wood).Also, paper bags are so popular nowadays, because new coating processes achieve high-glossy effects. In addition, paper bags are characterized by a high wearing comfort, which is achieved with a handle made of cord or even simply by flat handles.

paper bag manufacturer

Ready to start your own Paper Bag production?

You will likely be asked to provide certain specifications before starting your own paper bag production, including:

paper bag manufacturer
  • Size: Height andlength (in cm or inch).
  • Closure:Velcro closure, push button etc.
  • Straps:handles
  • Color:Differentcolors available
  • Material:Paper
  • Printing: logo and design printings (best in pantone colors)
  • Logos:Silkscreen printing, heat transfer printing.
  • Additional custom details: Embossing, tags, decoration, cords, etc.
  • Production details: Order quantity, time constrains, target group

If you want to start manufacturing a customized paper bag production don’t hesitate to contact us and send an email to


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