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You are at the check-in of the airport and look forward to returning home to present your souvenirs and to tell you about your holidays. But then comes the evil awakening: According to the measurement of the staff, your suitcase is too heavy and you have to pay extra fees. To see what this “over-luggage” is and how you can avoid it, you will find here.


Depending on the airline, you can generally give one (in rare cases, two) luggage as a free baggage. When do you have too much weight and how expensive is that for you?

Similar to the hand luggage measurements, there is no uniform guideline as far as the subject of baggage and fees is concerned.

Although it is generally possible to say that a piece of luggage weighing more than 20-23 kg is too heavy and either a lump sum per additional kilogram or a percentage of your transport class (economy, business, luxury, etc.) is taken as a fee. In this case you might consider that it can make a huge difference when it is a short, medium or long-distance flight or which destination you are driving, since different charging models are applicable.


In addition, it is generally the case that luggage weighing more than 32 kg is generally not accepted as a “travel bag”, but either the transport is denied or you have to give it up as freight.


Small tip: With some airlines you can book in advance if your luggage exceeds the permissible total weight. This is then cheaper than paying the fee directly at the airport.



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