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In April, many students return to a foreign country to explore the world as a backpacker or aupair. And the holiday season is still on high tours. But what is more suitable for an international stay: A travel suitcase or a trekking backpack?

We have put together a few arguments to help you with the agony of choice.


The advantages of the suitcase

No cords, hard shell. It would be so easy to express that. The case is extremely practical in terms of form. There are no interfering cords, buckles or other hangings. In addition, the hard shell protects the contents particularly well before the often rough handling during baggage delivery at the airport. And there is still a clear advantage in the case: It has roles. So it can be pushed from A to B without much effort and without back pain. If only there were not the stairs. In this case the kilos have to be dragged up and down with the hand step by step. This will quickly be a torture and you would rather have a trekking bag – right?


Trekking backpack under the magnifying glass

If you need flexibility when traveling, consider a trekking bag. The backpack sits firmly on the back, so you always have two hands free on the way. Moreover, the subsoil has no relevance. You can carry your luggage without problems over gravel tracks, meadows or steps. And with a capacity of 50, 65 or 75 liters you have enough storage space for a lot of luggage. But who travels for a long time can create somehow disorder in the travel luggage. If you are on the road, especially on foot, you definitely need a trekking bag because you might need your hands free. And whoever goes far to the other end of the world will probably need additional guides like this one.


If the question “backpack or suitcase” is answered, only one thing remains to clarify: Which model suits me? Criteria such as type of travel, volume, appearance and equipment play a role for the decision.

And now there is only one thing left to say: Have fun on the trip!


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