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Tablet, Laptop and Mobile Phone Cases

Tablet, Laptop and Mobile Phone Cases

Regardless of which brand or price, laptops, tablets and mobile phones are important devices and want to be protected against scratches, wear and tear, moisture, sunlight and damage to the hard disk. Therefore almost everbody uses a special case to protect his personal device from harmful external effects. Laptop cases, cell phone cases and tablet cases are available in countless different designs, different shapes, colors and styles, so that everyone can find exactly the case that fits to them and which protects the device at the same time. In terms of design, you can choose from a wide range of different color and pattern combinations for the computer and tablet bags as well as the mobile phone covers.

Laptop Bag Manufacturer

Laptop and tablet cases are made of many materials, such as leather, neoprene or felt. Textile upholstery ensures that notebooks and tablets in their envelopes arrive safely at their destination. Classic laptop bags usually have additional compartments for documents or laptop accessories such as a mouse or charging cable. A so-called laptop sleeve is probably the most elegant way to pack and transport your laptop. In principle, this is a narrow cover, often with a zipper, similar to a briefcase. It provides full protection – with less space loss.

Tablet, Laptop and Mobile Phone Cases Manufacturer
Tablet, Laptop and Mobile Phone Cases Manufacturer
Tablet, Laptop and Mobile Phone Cases Manufacturer

Tablet, Laptop and Mobile Phone Cases

Also for the mobile phone that you often carry the whole day with you in the bag, an optimal protection is needed. Cell phone covers are sturdy and protect the back and frame of a cell phone from damage by falling, scratching, dirt and dust. Since they have cut-outs in the material in the areas that are important for the use of the mobile phone (ports, buttons, camera lens, etc.), you can leave the mobile phone in the case and still use it to make phone calls, Mail writing, etc. Some of these cell phone cases have a coated surface and are particularly secure in their hands. Cell phone covers mostly consist of materials that do not interfere the receiving via an antenna (hard and soft plastic, hard silicon). Cell phone covers are light, thin and very robust: if they fall on an edge or corner, they remain stable. All mobile phone covers made of hard silicone are gently resting on the edges of your mobile phone.

Ready to start a laptop, tablet or phone case production?

You will likely be asked to provide certain specifications before starting your case production, including:

Tablet, Laptop and Mobile Phone Cases Manufacturer
  • Size: Height, width and depth (in cm or inch).
  • Closure:Velcro closure, zipper, push button, magnetic closure, snap buckle, etc.
  • Color: Choice of materials and fabrics for outer color, inner lining, seams, applications, etc.
  • Material:Leather, PU, Plastic, Nylon, Polyester, Wood, Cotton, etc.
  • Logos:Silkscreen printing, heat transfer printing, rubber patch and metal plate. Custom logos can also be made on zipper-pullers or other accessories
  • Printing: logo and design printings (best in pantone colors)
  • Hardware: Brass (solid or antique), nickel (dark, pearl or matted), metal, etc.
  • Pockets:Card-slots, extra pocket for documents, etc.
  • Additional custom details: Embossing, tags, decoration, etc.
  • Production details: Order quantity, time constrains, target group

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