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Travel Backpacks Manufacturer

Travel Backpacks Manufacturer

A travel backpack is usually a compromise and can never fulfill all the characteristics of a large backpack, trekking backpack,carry-on luggage, daypack or trolley backpack at the same time. Therefore, you must first make very precise thoughts about the target group and the corresponding intended purpose before starting your travel Backpack production.

There are some key-points, which are important for manufacturing travel backpacks! They should be…

  • very sturdy and durable in order not to break during the mostly rough transport
  • practical and clear (so that you can quickly get to your things)
  • waterproof or have a rain and protective cover
  • comfortable and easy to carry or transport
Travel Backpacks manufacturer

Travel Backpacks

We would like to introduce you the two mostinteresting and popular variations of a travel backpack:

Trekking Backpacks

If we think of a big backpack, then mostly a classic trekking backpack. These, often slim and ergonomically designed backpacks, are especially designed for hiking (with tent). This means they are optimized to transport medium to heavy loads as easily over long distances. If you want to carry your travel backpack on your back for an extended period of time, you need a backpack with a sophisticated carrying system.

Backpack-Suitcase combo

While trekking backpacks are designed especially for hiking with heavy luggage, these travel companions offer a compromise between the advantages of a backpack and a suitcase. They have a carrying system like a backpack, but they do not have enough belts and straps to adjust. This is a real advantage when traveling by air and other means of public transport. Thanks to an all-round zipper, you can fold it all the way up. So they can be packaged much more clearly and in the hotel room you can comfortably and quickly get to all the things, without having to rummage through everything. In addition many luggage bags have aseparate daypack.

Travel Backpacks Manufacturer

The volume of travel backpacks usually varies between 40-85L. In the case of large travel backpacks, a detachable daily bag, which usually has a volume of approx. 15L, is also included.

Modern travel backpacks have a special suspension and damping system for extra comfort. For high-quality backpacks, the torso length can be set individually. A padded and adjustable hip belt is also standard. On the backside, a special net provides sufficient ventilation. Again, there are different ventilation systems that are used.

Tip: Due to the detachable daily bag also large travel backpacks can be used as carry-on luggage and can usually be taken on board with air travel.
However, please remember that each airline has its own restrictions. The general rule is usually 50L, that are still permitted as carry-on luggage.

Ready to start a travel backpack production?

You will likely be asked to provide certain specifications before starting your travel backpack production, including:

Travel Backpacks manufacturer
  • Size: Height, width and depth (in cm or inch).
  • Closure:Pockets, zipper, buckle, etc.
  • Straps: Shoulder Strap, length and width of straps, hip and breast belt, suspension device, etc.
  • Color: Choice of materials and fabrics for outer color, inner lining, seams, applications, zippers, straps, clasps, etc.
  • Material:Nylon, PU, TPU, leather, polyester, cotton, canvas, etc.
  • Logos:Silkscreen printing, heat transfer printing, rubber patch and metal plate. Custom logos can also be made on zipper-pullers or other accessories
  • Printing: logo and design printings (best in pantone colors)
  • Hardware: Brass (solid or antique), nickel (dark, pearl or matted), metal, etc.
  • Pockets: Interior, exterior, side pockets, separations, extra protected compartments for shoes, laptop etc.
  • Additional custom details: Embossing, tags, decoration, etc.
  • Production details: Order quantity, time constrains, target group

If you want to start a customizedtravel backpack production don’t hesitate to contact us and send an email to


If you need additional information before starting your own production for example about different materials which you can use for your travel backpacks or specific production details just go to our main page LUGGAGE and also have a look on our BLOG.

We are looking forward to your request!

Your  Matchory Team