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Waist Packs Manufacturer

Waist Packs Manufacturer

The waist bag (or waist pack, bum bag, fanny pack) allows you to keep your valuables close by while you're on the move.The applications of a waist bagare very versatile. The small pouches can be used during the dredging sport, for holidays and in everyday life. With a waist bag you have a handy, uncomplicated and secure with you. Depending on the model, one or more compartments are available to accommodate your personal belongings. For example, a small hip bag with a narrow belt provides just the necessary space to carry valuables inconspicuously and safely close to the body. Larger versions, on the other hand, are a format that can replace a small backpack and include food for excursions. Furthermore, there are special waist packs for sports use that can provide a water bottle holder. Such waist packs are characterized, for example, by particularly light material and stable integrated drinking bottles. Hip bags are mostly made of flexible but durable textiles. The back and sides are lined with light and airy upholstery to ensure a comfortable and unobtrusive wearing.

Waist Packs Manufacturer

Ready to start your own Waist Bag/ Waist Pack or Fanny Pack production?

You will likely be asked to provide certain specifications before starting your own waistbag production, including:

Waist Packs Manufacturer
  • Size: Height, width and depth (in cm or inch).
  • Closure:Zipper, magnetic closure, buckle, button, clasp, etc.
  • Straps:Adjustable waist strap, hook, etc..
  • Color: Choice of fabrics and materials for outer color, inner lining, seams, applications, zippers, straps, clasps, etc.
  • Material:Nylon, leather, PU, polyester, PVC, cotton, etc.
  • Hardware: Brass (solid or antique), nickel (dark, pearl or matted), metal, etc.
  • Pockets: Interior, exterior, side pockets, extra compartments, water bottle holder, etc.
  • Printing: logo and design printings (best in pantone colors)
  • Logos:Silkscreen printing, heat transfer printing, rubber patch and metal plate. Custom logos can also be made on zipper-pullers or other accessories
  • Additional custom details: Embossing, tags, decoration, cords, etc.
  • Production details: Order quantity, time constrains, target group

If you plan to start manufacturing a customized waistbag / fanny pack production don’t hesitate to contact us and send an email to


We are looking forward to your request!

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Waist Packs Manufacturer

Example of a unisex waist bag:

Normally a waist bag comes with one main compartment and another smaller pocket, both with zipper access.The adjustable waist strap features a durable plastic buckle for a secure fit and nylon zip tags offer added convenience

Specific details:

  • Zipper access for secure storage
  • Adjustable waist strap with a durable buckle
  • Lightweight and durable fabric
  • Contrast color for a customized logo
  • Water resistant fabrics
  • Polyester, Nylon, Leather, Cotton
  • 26x12x8 cm. Max waist capacity 48 inches or 120 cm.