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hybrid cases manufacturer

The answer: A hybrid case is a piece of luggage that combines two different materials. The materials consist, on the one hand, of a hard plastic material, e.g. Polycarbonate, and a flexible textile, e.g. Nylon.


There is, however, not “the one” construction for a hybrid case, but quite variants. For example, a soft luggage can be considered a hybrid case when the corners of the trolley are reinforced with hard plastic.

One common construction is for example, a hard shell on one side and a softer textile. Normally, the hard case is on the side, on which the case is placed, i.e. the “bottom side” of these suitcases.


The three points that make up a hybrid case are as follows:


  • A hybrid case is a case where hard shells and soft luggage are combined with each other
  • There are several designs for a hybrid suitcase
  • Hybrid cases are to combine the light weight and the robust processing of the two other types of luggage



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